Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lighting McQueen Car and Halloween Spider Cake

The first "advanced magnitude" cake I ever made was Lighting McQueen for the love of my life, my Grandson!

 My first mistake, when attempting to take on the making of the "Lighting McQueen Cake", was making the cake too far in advance!  I can't tell you how stressed I was.
It took about two weeks to complete, only because I elected to carve and make a "tester" cake.  I thought this way any challenges I had to face would be head-on and when it was time to make the actual cake, it would be a walk in the park.....not so FAST my friends!!!    
 I quickly learned that unexpected and unpredictable things do happen, and they force you to think outside of the box!!!! 

This was truly a labor of LOVE!

My latest creation - The Halloween Spider Cake!

 This time it only took me two full days to create...but trust me when I say it was a challenge!
You see, I'm not an artist that can draw a picture or a sketch.  The sketch/picture is in my head and nowhere else.  I start the project and step by step, it starts to come together. 
Don't get me wrong, I tried to draw a picture and I ended up discouraging myself.  So I quickly gave that up and went with the image I had in my head. 

 This is an 11 x 15 x 3 

Initially, I iced it all in orange the night before.  However, when I woke up the next morning I thought I was going to pass out!  All of the icing had dried and cracked so bad that it wasn't presentable...  I had to think fast! 

This is where thinking outside of the BOX comes in handy...

I scraped off as much of the icing as I could, and instead covered it with chocolate fondant.  The saving grace was the fact that it was a Halloween-themed Birthday Cake - so the color scheme worked and it all came together beautifully!

I was very happy with the outcome and so was my client!!!  

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