Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello out there...Its been a great while since I last posted!
But, I'm back and ready to share what I've been up to.
For starters, I was working on what would have been our Mama's 77th Birthday!
This was my first try at making high heel shoes...which Mama loved!

 The first shoe I made was the purple one, and I wasn't really happy with it; so I made the black 
one...I was OK with it, but not thrill. I went to bed and realized Mama's favorite color was fiusha and got up and started making it. Not to mention her favorite brand was Bandolino, you know I had to make the label as well. 

I'm not by any means a professional but i'm not intimidated and will give it all I've got...Specially if its for someone close to my heart like my Mama is!     

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